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Introducing the BeefStake Cardano staking pool

Built by passionate people for passionate people to further the cause of DeFi

Pool Information

We offer competitive costs in order to ensure our users receive the highest staking rewards possible while maintaining incredibly high quality of service.



₳ 350

Fixed Fee


Margin Fee

Pool Id: 0757fd012a14ba7ec6e4bceaae8e9da56e5b3db38ddaa9578660a9b0
More Info: ADAPools, PoolTool

We are passionate about DeFi and personal financial freedom

Building what we believe in.

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Built for and powered by Cardano

Cardano is a cryptocurrency implementing an innovative proof-of-stake blockchain platform. That platform affords operators such as us (and stakers such as yourself) to take part in efforts to help decentralize the future of finance.

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Smart people doing what they love

BeefStake is comprised of a small and dedicated team from BeefRocket. We choose projects in topic areas of personal interest which overlap with our professional experience in order to ensure success. Our experience is deep and varied, our passion is unmatched.

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Industry-leading infrastructure

Our network nodes are hosted on industry-leading cloud-based hardware provided by Linode. What this means is out machines are performant, resilient, secure, and (most importantly) managed 24/7/365 to ensure maximum uptime.

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